Population: 768,000 
Counties: 3
Governor Ruth Ann Minner (D)

Key Laws/Organizations/

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Source:  Pew Center on the States & Changing Direction:  Federal Transportation Spending in the 1990s. Surface Transportation Policy Project

Key Laws

Overview: For an overview of Delaware's planning and zoning statutes, see the excellent summary provided by the American Planning Association
Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues 29 §9101 - The Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues, formed to provide statewide land use strategy and work with municipalities and counties, released a report in 1995 titled "Shaping Delaware's Future" which recommended ten guiding principles and ten goals.  In response to the report, the Governor established, via executive order, a State Planning Citizen's Advisory Panel and an Advisory Panel on Intergovernmental Planning and Coordination (29 §9102).  The panel has five working subcommittees: redevelopment and infill; public outreach; land development and regulation process; governance; and infrastructure and finance.  Soon afterwards, the Shaping Delaware's Future Act (70 Del. Laws c. 270, July 19, 1995) was introduced and enacted three months later.  The Act requires, among other things, that the counties submit comprehensive land use plans to the Office of State Planning Coordination. 
Land Use and Planning Act (LUPA) (29 §9201)  LUPA was signed into law July 16, 1996 by Governor Carper.  LUPA mandates that any land use issues of greater than local concern such as local ordinances, proposed annexations, and conditional use applications, be circulated through the Office of State Planning Coordination (OSPC), which then forwards these proposals to eleven other State agencies for review and comment.  For more information on Delaware's planning and growth laws and initiatives, Contact:  Delaware Office of State Planning,  Suite 7, 3rd Floor, Thomas Collins Bldg., 540 S. DuPont Hwy., Dover, DE, 19901, Phone: (302) 739-3090, Fax: (302) 739-6958,
H.B. 394 (De. 1998) - Expands the membership on the Advisory Panel on Intergovernmental Planning and Coordination to represent interests of municipalities and counties Passed and signed into law July 23, 1999.
H.B. 395 (De. 1998) - Creates a statewide Geographic Data Committee to coordinate data. Passed and signed into law July 21, 1998.
H.B. 396 (De. 1998) - Strengthens planning at the town and city level. Passed and signed into law July 26, 1998. 

For the most recent update on pending or passed legislation, please refer to Delaware's State Planning Office. 

Alliance for a Sustainable Future works on sprawl issues in the Delaware Valley.
Hall of Records, 
121 Duke of York St. Suite 2,
Dover, DE. 19901, 
Phone: (302) 739-5313
The mission of the Delaware State Historic Preservation Office is to locate, study, and record the historic properties that reflect Delaware's heritage, and to help and encourage federal and state agencies, local governments, and private citizens and organizations to recognize, value, and protect these irreplaceable resources.
The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) 
Contact the DVRP's Information Services Center at 215/238-2828
DVRPC released a report in July 1999 titled "New Regionalism: Building Livable Communities Across the Delaware Valley" that examines a new vision for development in the Delaware Valley.  Traffic congestion, loss of open space and urban deterioration are just some of the symptoms affecting the region. The report explains key strategies and design principles, and makes recommendations for enhancing livability at both the neighborhood and regionwide scale. The report also presents local case studies of how various communities in the Delaware Valley are applying these principles to make themselves more livable.
"Smart Growth at Century's End: The State of the States," by Patricia E. Salkin, Associate Dean and Director, Government Law Center of Albany Law School. March 1999.