Green Infrastructure Trend Visible in Communities Nationwide
Green Infrastructure: Smart Conservation for the 21st Century Report (pdf) calls for states and communities to make green infrastructure an integral part of local, regional and state plans and policies. The report introduces green infrastructure as a strategic approach to land conservation that is critical to the success of smart growth initiatives. 

Green infrastructure is smart conservation that addresses the ecological, social and economic impacts of sprawl and the accelerated consumption and fragmentation of open land. The report was written by Mark Benedict and Ed McMahon of The Conservation Fund, a non-profit land conservation organization and published by the Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse 

Green infrastructure differs from conventional approaches to open space planning because it looks at conservation values and actions in concert with land development, growth management and built infrastructure planning. 

The report argues that successful land conservation in the 21st century will be more proactive and less reactive and better integrated with efforts to manage growth and development.


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