green infrastructure
Green Infrastructure: A Strategic Approach to Land Conservation

Green Infrastructure is our Nation’s natural life sustaining system – an interconnected network of natural areas, conservation lands, working landscapes, and other green spaces that support native species, maintain natural ecological processes, sustain air and water resources, and contribute to the health and quality of life for America’s communities and people. 

Green Infrastructure.Net
The Mission of GreenInfrastructure.Net is to illustrate that identifying and planning for Green Infrastructure - multi-purpose green space networks -  provides a framework for smart conservation and smart growth.

Green Infrastructure: A Strategic Approach to Green Space Planning and Conservation
This introductory course on green infrastructure theory and practice is designed to provide participants with "why" and "how to" information on planning, designing, and implementing interconnected green space systems. 
This Course is offered by: The Conservation Fund, USDA Forest Service, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service/National Conservation Training Center.

Other resources:
Atlas of Biodiversity
Filled with colorful maps and photographs, the Atlas of Biodiversity tells the tale of how geologic forces and human habitation have shaped our region's landscape. The Atlas is available online as a series of Adobe PDF files that you can download to your computer. You can also order a print copy from the Chicago Wilderness coalition.

Chicago Wilderness Video
A short video entitled, This is Chicago Wilderness, provides an overview of Chicago Wilderness, including a discussion of why and how government and private organizations are working together to protect the natural communities of the Chicago region.  Beautiful footage depicts the region's rare habitats.  To order the video call the Chicago Wilderness information line (708) 485-0263, x396.

Biodiversity Recovery Plan
The Chicago region's first comprehensive conservation and restoration plan, this
award-winning plan is the product of a three-year collaboration by the region's scientists, land managers, educators and policy-makers.  It is available online as a series of PDF files at  You can order a printed copy of the plan from the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission by contacting Irene Hogstrom at or at 312-454-0401 x406.

Protecting Nature in Your Community
A companion book to the Biodiversity Recovery Plan, this guide is published
by the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission (NIPC) and identifies
techniques to protect and restore natural lands within existing and newly
developing urban areas. This publication is available on the NIPC web site
at You can order a printed
copy from the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission by contacting NIPC 
Publications at (312) 454-0400, ext. 210.